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We are experienced in working with case workers from a range of organisations in order to co-ordinate therapy, manage funding allocations and liaise with relevant team members such as family, educators and other health professionals.

Our speech pathologists and occupational therapists work with children whose funding is provided or managed by charitable organisations and other not-for-profits, insurance bodies, government departments (such as the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services) and other funding bodies.

We make it easy and convenient for case workers to arrange therapy for children by providing:

  • Co-ordination of services for children based on your organisation’s requests. Our administration officer will listen to your request, determine the best staff for meeting children’s needs and arrange appointments with parents, carers or schools.
  • Tailored invoicing and accounts solutions designed to suit the requirements of your organisation. We can invoice your organisation at your requested frequency and individualise invoice details where required.
  • Full-time administrative support. Our administration officer is available at all times during business hours, which ensures that we can respond to your organisation’s requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Support for parents/carers who self-manage funding. We understand that sometimes families are not familiar with payment of invoices or management of large amounts of funding, and we are happy to support them and walk them through processes step-by-step, to make this as easy as possible and remove barriers to accessing therapy.
  • Management of funding allocations and service plans. We can monitor your clients’ funding to ensure that therapy conducted is within the allocated budget.
  • Order approved and prescribed resources and equipment on behalf of clients, and then claim funds back from funding bodies (this may be your organisation or another funding body).

Our therapists are able to:

  • Provide a range of speech pathology and occupational therapy services for children with varying needs. Click here for more information about how speech pathology and occupational therapy can help children.
  • Work with families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many of our staff are also experienced in working with interpreters when communicating with children and families.
  • Work with children who have suffered trauma, abuse and/or neglect. Please note that some of our therapists have more experience in this area than others. Some of our therapists have a special interest in working with children who have this type of history. Please talk to us for further information.
  • Work with children who are in foster care, and their carers.
  • Provide training, education and support for families, educators or staff teams.
  • Assist children and families with the selection of appropriate resources and equipment, such as communication and mobility aids.
  • Liaise with third party suppliers regarding the purchase and/or production of resources and equipment, such as communication and mobility aids.
  • Submit applications to funding bodies for a range of services and equipment, such as:


Contact us via phone or email to talk about arranging speech pathology or occupational therapy services for your client.

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