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Our Easy Referral Options

Thank you for your interest in referring a child to us. Both our administration and therapy teams are experienced in liaising with a range of referrers.

Whether you are a medical practitioner, allied health professional, case worker or educator, we share your goal of achieving positive outcomes for children and their families.

I am a Doctor

Thank you for your interest in referring your patients to Boost Therapy. We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of your patient management.

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I am a Health Professional

We accept referrals from all health professionals. Our administration officer can discuss your client’s needs with you and determine if our therapists can offer your requested service.

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I am a Case Worker

We are experienced in working with case workers from a range of organisations in order to co-ordinate therapy, manage funding allocations and liaise with relevant team members.

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I am an Educator

Our occupational therapists and speech pathologists are experienced in working with early teachers, teacher aides, special education teachers, and other school staff.

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Client Referrals

Fill out our client referral form to give us some information about a client. We will get in contact will you as soon as possible.

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