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In our recent Facebook Live video, Christine shared a fun sensory and fine motor resource that the Boost Therapy team is loving at the moment… Skwooshi! What is Skwooshi? Check out the video below to see it in action!

In the video, Christine discusses 3 ways she uses this resource with children.

1. Incorporating it into pretend play (i.e. as an island with a straw “tree” in it). This way it’s not the main focus of play, but the child still has an opportunity to explore it if they want to. This can be helpful if the child has sensory sensitivities and has difficulty exploring new materials.

2. Building, shaping, sculpting, pinching etc! Lots of fine motor opportunities once kids are comfortable handling skwooshi.

3. Use skwooshi for some early cutting practise! The child can roll it into a snake, hold it in their helper hand and then use some scissors to practise snipping! Snipping is a great way to practise holding our scissors, as well as getting a feel for how we open and close the scissors.

This post is not sponsored at all. We enjoy sharing the toys and books that we like to use and also sharing ideas on the various ways we might use them! We bought our skwooshi from Big W for $5, but have seen it online and in toy stores previously also.

Is this a toy your kids enjoy? We’d love to hear how your kids play with it!

Christine Boers

Christine is an Occupational Therapist and a Director of Boost Therapy, a mobile occupational therapy and speech pathology practice in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

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